Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Road To Freedom

If you are looking for free step by step solutions to overcome social anxiety you are in the right place. I want you to feel at ease and know that you can come here anytime and know that you are not alone in your suffering with social anxiety. Even though you may feel that way. My mission is simple. I give you step by step tangible real world solutions for overcoming fear and insecurity. 

Issues like: 
                        -Facial Blushing
                        -Eating In Front Of Others
                        -Feeling "Oh NO!" When Someone tries to talk to you and just             wishing they would go away
                         -Having Obsessive thoughts about your facial expressions
                         -Being quiet and awkward around your co-workers
                         -Feeling inferior to others
                         -Being mildly paranoid of what others are thinking about you

If you read the above and thought "I didn't know anyone COULD suffer from these things" then you most definitely do NOT have social anxiety and I would ask you to please leave now..

This place is exclusively for you if you are reading this and suffer from at least one or more of the above sticking points. And I would be honored if you would consider me your coach. Because we're both in this together wether we want to be or not. Just trying to keep our sanity and enjoy life more without the viscous cycle of social anxiety holding us in a mind made prison.

Here are some keys for getting better:

Key Number 1. In order for you to get better you have to understand what's NOT going to get you better. Have you heard the old saying "insanity is doing the exact same thing amd expecting different results. Without a doubt the sure fire way to stay stuck is to keep doing EXACTLY what you HAVE been doing. Say it with me.. 

"If I want my life to change I'm going to have to change things in my life."

You're reading this thinking "yeah obviously I want my life to change but I don't know what to do. And I don't want to try anything too crazy." Look. I understand. And I would never ask you to do something that was scary or weird. But what I am asking you is to realize that the same habits and behaviors that have been screwing things up for you are not the same habits and behaviors that are going to free you from your social anxiety. 

You're gonna have to try a few new things. Experiment with some new techniques. And learn some new ideas that can shed some light of how your mind REALLY works. And how you can make it work FOR you, rather than against you.

Because once you have your mind under control everything becomes a whole lot easier. You feel more confident and life seems to be more of a nice place to live. I think that we can both agree that there's nothing more isolating than a mind that wont shut up. When you start applying my step by step recipes for calming your mind, you won't believe how much more confident you'll feel around people.  

Key Number 2. A lot of the things that decrease social anxiety and produce extroverted behavior are the same things that improve you life in general. Things like exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements that give your brain and body what it's missing boost your level of mental functioning like nothing else. Many of the main facets of my approach is based on something called the "Mind-Body Connection."

 This is a principle that proves concretely that the mind and body are not two separate things but one interwoven and symbiotic unit. That means that anything that affects the body, also affects the mind. And vise versa, anything that affects the mind also affects the body. When you change your physical health, your mind benefits just as much as your body. I'll show you how to make your body healthy and strong, so your mind can be too. Most critically is finding the right EFA's (essential fatty acids) and vitamin B supplements to immediately enhance your body's reaction to fear and the fight or flight response. 

Key Number 3. In order for you to become confident around people you have to first understand how the psychology of confidence works. Confidence is a mental program program that operates the same in every person. Why? Because we all have a central nervous system. Once you have a better understanding of the psychology of confidence, you'll be able to systematically build it for yourself and ingrain it deep with the depths of your personality. With practice you can become bulletproof.

So the three keys are: 
1. Willingness to try something new 
2. The mind-body connection
3. The psychology of confidence

It's been a long road of experimenting with all kinds of methods from the esoteric and spiritual, to the the basic and pragmatic. What I've found is that a lot of the time what you think would work, won't. And the things you think definitely wont work, will. It's counter intuitive. And sometimes humbling to find out you were wrong about something. 

But you don't have to reinvent the wheel and try all the different approaches that I have to beat social anxiety. Because I have tried it all and am here to show you what works and what does doesn't from my own personal experience. And that alone should save you years of having to find that out for yourself through your own trial and error. I have a passion for empowering people and I think once you start getting results for yourself with your own confidence, you then can do what I'm doing and empower other people who are struggling with social anxiety. 

Anyways, if your interested in any of things I mentioned here then check back for more articles and advice. And do me a favor. Check out my youtube channel and let me know how you like my videos. 

That's all for now,

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