Friday, March 1, 2013

How Learning To Look AT Your Thoughts, Rather Than FROM Them, Is The Key To Improved Confidence And Self Esteem

 Do you know that you are not your mind? Really. Think About that one. You are not you thoughts or your emotions. But When you are having scared thoughts, you think that it's you. It's not. And you know what, you are something much more that those things. You are something much deeper. You are an eternal being inhabiting this body much like a space man inside of a space suit. and let me tell you, this space suit has some pretty intense desires. Most primary and strong are: 

1. The desire to SURVIVE
2. The desire to reproduce and have little space suits. (LOL!)
3. The desire to conserve energy

 If you think back to many years ago when it was really a whole lot harder to survive, it was a very handy thing to be able to sense danger of anything pertaining to your survival. Which is why it was also pretty handy to have a healthy fear of things that were potential dangers to your survival. You'd see the tiger, your nervous system would immediately pump you full of idrenilin, and this would get your butt moving away from the danger in no time fast! Those who never developed this, do not exist today  BECAUSE THEY WERE WEEDED OUT OF EXISTENCE!

 Today, in 2012, we no longer face things like having to kill wild beasts with our bare hands, or fight other humans to the death for scarce resources. But the fact remains that we still are wired biologicly and emotionaly for exactly that time period! 

 What you call, "shyness", is nothing more than your bodys programming doing it's best to keep you alive! Do you understand that? Maybe you might even want to give yourself a pat on the back next time you feel even more shy that usual an say to yourself, "Thank You. I Know You Are Just Doing What You Think Is Best For My Survival." It sounds silly, and it is! Shyness IS silly. But you know what's even more silly than that? When you believe that YOU ARE shy, or that you are your shyness. Like I said earlier, you're not your mind, and your not you're emotions. You're something much deeper.

 And I'm not here claiming to know all the answers. I have no idea what the meaning of life is. I don't know where we came from. i don't know where you go after you die. I don't know why Lindsey Lohan does the things she does. All I know is the things I have learned and experiences through my own eyes, and have observed that are true in my own life experience. This is what I DO know: 

  We as humans absolutely have the ability and power to change our life situation, and our personality and ways of viewing ourselves. BUT, there IS at the same time one main thing that can actually stop you from taking the necessary steps, AND completely DESTROY and SHUT DOWN your chances. Do you know what it is?

 Put simply, your beliefs directly enable or kill the behaviors that would lead to GETTING WHAT YOU WANT. If you believe that you can't lose weight, you will never participate in behaviors like going to the gym, learning about diet and nutrition, or writing down in great detail exactly what you want your body to be like. You just keep walking blindly along the path your on, not even seeing all these other paths that are there for you to walk down. You don't even know it's an option on the menu! 

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