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5 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Overcoming Social Anxiety

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Today I want to get right to them... the 5 deadly mistakes you need to avoid like the plague if you want to overcome social anxiety and shyness. Pay careful attention because some are very counter intuitive and if you avoid there traps you will save yourself some time on your journey and hopefully stop banging your head against a wall in the process.

Something that you can do RIGHT NOW that will instantly help you is immediately eliminating all consumption of aspartame. What is aspartame? See mistake #5 for more information on this harmful and mind damaging toxin found in several foods you may very well be eating and not even realizing it.

I mention this right up front here because I feel very strongly that consuming aspartame and things like it are one of the biggest factors contributing to your social anxiety and improper thinking habits.

Now, with that being said, join me now as we dive into the 5 biggest mistakes made when overcoming social anxiety and shyness..

MISTAKE #1: Dealing With Symptoms Instead Of Targeting The Cause

Although there are several very powerful and fast techniques I teach to help you become less shy and increase your confidence, they are meant to be used as training wheels and not a crutch. Use the techniques as much as you want, but remember that those techniques aren't going to fix your deeper problems. You must be willing to face your dark side head on and confront yourself honestly on what's really going on inside that head of yours.  

You have core issues inside the machinery and mainframe of your psychology that cannot be changed by quick little techniques. They must be faced head on, by you personally and not turned over to some outside force (a pill a person) expecting them to "fix you." Nobody's gonna fix you.

YOU have to fix you.

You've got to do it for yourself. It's an I side job. I just facilitate the map, the process and the steps that if YOU take responsibility for and take action open, will solve the greater and more core issues holding you back and making you introverted.

MISTAKE #2: Not Understanding Basic Social Dynamics And How Social Interaction And Group Interaction Works

Something that can immediately boost your confidence is finding out things you never knew before about social interaction, and how to be a good conversationalist. There are many commonalities of things that outgoing and extroverted do and say, that are universally interpreted as being of high status.

When you understand and key in on these patterns, you give yourself an unfair advantage that you can immediately start using in your daily interactions with people that will increase your confidence and make you appear more extroverted, as well as give you the security of knowing you'll have something to say if you are at a loss for words, or are feeling shy.

And if you can even improve your social skills by 10% that's going to Immediately create its own momentum to act in ways that you've secretly wanted to for a long time. As well as being and acting like the person who you WANT to be, and deep inside already are but like michoangelos David sculpture needs to be chiseled from the stone and remove the years and years of negative habits and patterns that are no longer serving you.

MISTAKE #3: Being Too Accepting Of Social Anxiety And Not Looking For Solutions

If your like most people with social anxiety, you've boughten into a big lie that says "you are broken and will always have social anxiety." We'll let me just tell you, that's complete bullshit. You can absolutely, categorically,  overcome your social anxiety just like the thousands upon thousands of people who have defeated their social anxiety already.  

Wake up! This is your life! You are not meant to live like this! Social anxiety must be stopped if you want any chance of living a worthwhile life and feeling happy. How are you going to feel at the end of your life if you only lived one fraction of it because of this little rock in your shoe known as social anxiety?

Make the decision to do whatever it takes to get past this and move on with your life. Because you only get ONE life to live. And the time is going to go by anyways,  you might as well spend that time working on this stuff.

Don't let another day go by living like this! Make the decision right here and now that your going to do what it takes to overcome this. Seriously, right now out loud or in your head say


MISTAKE #4: Taking Advice From People Who Do Not Understand Social Anxiety And Never Had It

If the best advice you currently have on your social anxiety is, "just be yourself" and the ever so helpful, "just stop caring about what other people think of you." Then I'm here to say.. I'm sorry. The people who gave you this advice mean well. They really do. And I'm sure they really want you to get better. They just don't understand what it's like to have social anxiety because they've never experienced it.

If it were really as simple as just "being yourself" and "not caring what others think of you", you would have done that a looonnnngg time ago wouldn't you? Do yourself a favor. You will make things much easier for yourself and save a whole lot of time of you follow this one simple concept.

Listen to people who have the result that you want. Listen and learn from the people who have been in your situation before and then gotten what you want. And do not listen to people who either currently have social anxiety, or who have never had social anxiety, because they will waste your time and take you down rabbit holes that you need not go down with silly opinions, in verified theory's, and loser mentalities.

Don't do it. Listen to those who have had it, and overcome it. Those are the ones to learn from because they are the ones who understand where you're coming from, and know how to get you out of there.

MISTAKE #5:  Consuming Aspartame And Other Toxins That Create Mental Illness

What is aspirtame? It’s an artificial sweetener found in things like spl*nda and diet soda’s. I’m just gonna tell you point blank period because no one else is gonna.


Go do even just a few minutes to find out about aspartame and you will be horrified. It is absolutely polluting your ability to think correctly and experience a health nervous system or even feel “Normal” because it’s clogging up your brains neural pathways with grotesque toxic waste.

In Conclusion..

Now I think the mere fact that you're reading this right now is proof enough that you are dissatisfied with the way things are going right now and are ready for change.  Why else would you be spending your time reading this? I want you to know that no matter how hard of a case you think you are, and how bad and debilitating your social anxiety has been for you in the past, it's still the past. And this is a new day.

You can right now start doing the things that will set you free. And stop doing the things that have kept you powerless. Join me on your path to self-confidence, social success, and liberation from social anxiety. I don't have all the answers, but I do have many of them. But even knowing all the answers will not change things for you. You must decide to walk the path, and do the work as it is laid out for you.

And do me a favor. Keep me informed with your progress from social anxiety, to true self esteem and personal power by emailing me your ideas, comments, and questions. I want to know what you think.  You can e-mail me at:

Until Next Time, Live With Courage!

-Vince King

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