Monday, March 11, 2013

The Black Heart Cavern Of The Mind, And The Demon Trapped In Your Psyche

The Demon

Hello. I am the demon that lives inside of you. You've always had your suspicions that I have been tampering with you for quite some time now but for some reason, you ceased to fight and began believing that my thoughts are in fact your own. 

I am the one who whispers to you all the horrible and pathetic parts of your personality. I am the one who tells you of the strange ways in in which you act around people. And yes, I am the one who criticizes your voice, your facial expressions, and the way you walk. And how amusing it is to me that you believe me every time! 

Hahaha what a gullible little twerp you are! My every uttered sentence, my brilliantly frightening disaster movies play in your mind every day, ALL day and you never get bored of them. I LOVE you! What amusement and satisfaction you bring me when I watch you squirm and fret at all of my glorious creations.

 But the one thing that could ruin it for us all is if you actually just woke up and realized that my mental projections aren't you. Their ME. Messing with you. Lying to you. Pushing you in the dirt. Day after day after day. It seems that only I understand what's going on here. And of the sleeping warlord that lays inside you. Dormant. Yet completely and readily available to be claimed and fully harnessed for absolute domination. 

But who am I to show you what you done even care to examine. Is it my job to introduce you to yourself? But wait, that's right you don't even know who you are. You don't even know WHAT you are! You don't even know where you CAME from! Ahhahaha! Such a tragedy when one doesn't even know what one is, or what one is even capable of...

I will continue on with my entertains pursuit for full domination of your psyche. Until that one day when you decide to evict me for your own ideas and opinions..

Black heart cavern of the mind.. Occupied. 

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  1. Hello Ryan
    Thank you so much for your articles.
    How can you perfectly describe every little thought that controls even my body movements. i always have that feeling that no matter how beautiful i am or glamorously dressed people can still see the weakness and vulnerability in my eyes and in my gestures....
    i started to read your blog today and starting from tomorrow i will practice that 5 minutes in the morning thing for 2 weeks and i will keep u posted.
    Plz don't stop sharing your experience and knowledge here coz you're an inspiration to people like me :)